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Firstly, it is important to call the procedure an Eye Examination and not a test. This helps us reinforce the full nature of what we do as being more than just testing a persons sight and providing glasses. Optometrists are able to determine a great deal of information about a persons' eyes, including diagnosing numerous ocular conditions, and also, there are many signs and symtoms that Optometrists are trained to look out for which could help diagnose a multitude of systemic medical conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol for example.

At the beginning of the examination, after the Optometrist has introduced themselves, they will take a History from the patient or carer, determining if they have any existing eye or medical problems. Also any recent symptoms, family history, any medication they are taking and any other relevant information. At this stage, the optical asisstant is likely to have checked the patient's previous spectacle prescription and checked their Intra Ocular Pressures.

The optometrist will then measure what the patient can see with their current glasses, and check for squints and other eye muscle problems. The optometrist will then use a Retinoscope and/or an Auto-refractor to check what the up to date spectacle prescription is.

If the patient is able to interact, the optometrist will use a number of lenses to fine tune the prescription for both distance and near vision. Once this has been done, the optometrist will then use an Ophthalmoscope to check the patient's eyes inside and out.

Once completed, the optometrist will make full notes of the results of the examination and may decide from these results to advise new glasses for the patient.

If new specs are recommended, the optical assistant will help the patient choose new glasses, ensuring they are happy with the style & fit.

The optical assistant will then re-check the patient's pupils, and may also dispense new glasses to the patient.

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