Dry Eye

Dry Eye is a very common condition that is characterised by a disturbance of the tear film. This abnormality may result in disruption of the ocular surface, causing a variety of symptoms and signs and interference with quality of life.

What Causes Dry Eye?

Dry eye has a number of causes. It happens as a part of the naturaly ageing process but can also be caused by problems with blinking or problems with the glands that produce tears. Contact lenses carry an increased risk if you have dry eye.

Tears are important as the form a layer on the front of the eye, called the tear film. This layer lubricates the eye, making it moist and smooth. It also protects the eye from dust and plays a part in focusing light.

Dry eyes feel irritated, scratchy, dry and uncomfortable. There may be blurred or unstable vision but this normally goes away after a short while or on blinking.

Tear film stability tests are easily and frequently carried out in the practice and depending upon the findings, a suitable form of treatment can be recommended.