Here is a list of the common questions we frequently get asked during our home visits?

An eye examination will address any visual problems such as reduced vision or eyestrain, but more importantly you will be screened for any potential eye diseases. Many eye conditions are ‘silent’ and can only be detected through an eye exam. Early detection is vital to improve the prognosis of these conditions. An eye test can also detect some systemic diseases such as, MS & diabetes, high blood pressure and even some brain tumours. The eye test will detect if your vision can be improved. You may just be used to seeing less clearly, so don’t realise it can be improved upon. Good vision gives a better quality of life. For children, it is essential that their eyes are functioning normally for them to perform well at school. Don’t accept that poor vision is due to age. It may be possible to improve it further. It is important your vision meets certain legal standards for driving and certain occupations.

How often should I have my eye's tested?

Even if you are not aware of any health problems, you should have your eye’s tested every two years. The eye test is a regular health check, which can detect underlying health problems as well as changes in your vision. It may need to be more frequent depending on your age and medical history. Your optometrist will normally advise you when you should return for your next eye test and will usually send you a reminder letter.

Why is Blue the first visual color to deteriorate?

No one really knows, but researchers believe the pattern of damage in Alzheimer’s generally attacks parts of the visual pathway and visual cortex which process blue first. So the eye itself is perfectly intact in this regard and it is the pattern of damage in the brain which is the cause of the colour blue deteriorating first. It must be emphasized that this is theory and has not been proven yet. They know that blue generally goes first as they have studies that confirm this but there have not been extensive tests to find out why.