Glaucoma is an eye condition where the nerve connecting the eye to the brain (the optic nerve) is damaged. This can lead to tunneling of the vision and eventually complete blindness. The most common form of glaucoma (open angle) is only symptomatic at an advanced stage. As the damage is irreversible, it is essential to have regular eye examinations to ensure early detection and treatment. A less common form of glaucoma (closed angle) can be extremely painful and can result in rapid vision loss. All adults over 40 should have regular eye checks to detect early glaucoma.

The eye examination will detect early signs of glaucoma before any significant vision loss occurs. The eye test will include;

measuring the intra ocular pressure (pressure inside the eye)

a look at the back of the eye with a special torch called an ophthalmoscope

checking the field of vision

The eye pressure can be lowered, in most cases with a simple eye drop. In some cases surgery may be required.

If the eye pressure is lowered, further damage to the optic nerve is likely to be prevented.

At Visioncare at Home, we have the latest equipment to quickly detect and monitor Glaucoma even for non communicators.